How much water should I drink?

Daily?I'm planning on drinking a lot of water tomorrow because I'm dehydrated. I hate water so I go days without drinking anything. So what's the most water I should drink today? I was going to drink as much as I could, not like forcing myself to drink, but I was going to carry a full water bottle around with me all day and refill it constantly. I'm not gonna do anything stupid :) but.... Any warnings?

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Don't listen to nincompoops repeating what they read/heard somewhere.Double check everything (even what I say) and not getting 10 different sources from 10 different people using the same unique wrong source…You don't need to drink “8 glasses” of water or worse “a gallon”. A gallon = 16 glasses and probably would give you a huge headache and borderline water poisoning if you drink too fast…Like some marathoners who missed the speech about not drinking water when you jog (swirl it to refresh your mouth and spit it out), you can collapse and need immediate medical attention if you only drink 3 cups/hour for more than 2 hours without switching to sports drinks and replenishing your electrolytes.Those 8 glasses INCLUDE the water you get from food. If you eat high water content food like fruits/veggies, soups…you don't even need to drink water to be hydrated enough.Just fruit/veggies contain 75 to 95% or water (even meat contains 50-60% of water content).The “8 glasses” theory is based on a 128lbs person needing 64oz. You divide your weight in pounds by 2 to get the ounces…8oz = one cup or small glass, like I weigh 120lbs so I need 60oz but I'm like you and very particular about water. I like this natural spring water from a specific source in Florida…it tastes great because it tastes like nothing, just refreshing water. I filter my tap water for cooking (and for my 10 months old kitten and my plants) as I live in the US and they put fluoride in tap water there (talk about forced med on the general population). More often than not, I get my water from the food I eat like eating half a grapefruit is like drinking a glass of water but better because you also get the vitamins/minerals, fibers, carbs…(don't eat/drink grapefruits if you take any meds).An important thing you should know is that drinking water will not rehydrate you if you're dehydrated.In fact, it's the opposite as water will flush out the minerals you need to retain water (like sodium, potassium…electrolytes…hence Gatorade and other sport drinks) so you'll dehydrate faster.Unlike water in food, just water is just water.Then water goes through your body like a water cascade (lots of annoying bathroom trips), dehydrating you even more, flushing out your electrolytes (that's how people die from water poisoning when getting electrolytes imbalance in the brain). I guess if you would not force yourself to drink water too fast, like participating in a stupid water contest, you'd get a headache before getting in real trouble, hopefully not trying to drink a gallon of water.It's okay to carry a bottle of water and take a sip now and then as long as you don't gobble it down by the cup and you eat a healthy diet with food containing enough minerals so you can retain your water.Find out why you're dehydrated…there's a reason and it's probably not because you don't drink enough water, maybe just not eating enough fruits/veggies and soups or not using enough homemade chicken and vegetable broth when cooking?!?The first signs of dehydration are thirst, chapped lips, dry, itchy, red skin…As they say, if you're thirsty, you're already dehydrating, that's why you can sip water and make it a habit so you never feel thirsty.Your skin is your biggest organ and the first one to show signs of dehydration, which is good, because you can see it.Dehydration can be caused by heat system (cold weather) or A/C (hot weather) blowing dry air where you are so you might need a humidifier to restore air moisture.Use skin and lips moisturizers or cheap petroleum jelly (Vaseline) that does not get into your skin but provides a barrier so your body does not lose moisture.Another common cause of dehydration is eating/drinking diuretics and not compensating with sodium.Diuretics are drinks like alcohol, tea, coffee, sodas (anything with caffeine), cranberry juice, and food like cucumbers, watermelons, fresh tomatoes, asparagus, artichokes, beets, carrots, lettuce, raw onions, oats, melon, celery, parsley and any veggie from the cabbage family...cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, kale, collard greens, mustard, radish, horseradish, and 25 others...To avoid dehydration when eating diuretics, you need to compensate the water loss (diuretics) with water retention (sodium).I will combine cauliflower/ham in a casserole, or a slice of ham with a sandwich containing lettuce, tomato and onion (lettuce/fresh tomato/raw onion are the trifecta of diuretics in a sandwich) or eating sauerkraut with sausages and corned beef with cabbage.Like if you would drink highly dehydrating tea, you could not add salt to it so you'd have to eat salty snacks beforehand (pretzels, salty nuts, salty popcorn, soy sauce with sushi, V8 or other canned food…).Tea is used by the diet industry to make people believe they're losing body fat while they're only losing heavy water weight and dehydrating.

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  • you need round 2.2 - 3 litres of water a day (depending what sex you are, body mass exercise ect.) however a lot of this come from your food, partially fruits and vegetables
  • 8 glasses of water per day should keep you hydrated.
  • a gallon a day


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